Daily Package

PC Rig

70 INR Per Hour
  • 350 INR for 6 Hr

Racing Wheel Simulator

250 INR Per Hour
  • 150 INR  for 30 mins
  • 250 INR/hr for 1 Hr

Console (PS4 & XBox)

150 INR Per Hour
  • 150 INR/hr for 1 Hr (Single)
  • 135 INR/hr for 2 Hrs (Single)
  • 120 INR/hr for 3+ Hrs (Single)
  • 250 INR/hr for 1 Hr (Double)
  • 225 INR/hr for 2 Hrs (Double)
  • 200 INR/hr for 3+ Hrs (Double)

Virtual Reality (Playstation VR)

350 INR Per Hour
  • 200 INR for 30 mins
  • 350 INR for 1 Hr

Motion Gaming

200 INR Per Hour
  • 150 INR  for 30 mins
  • 200 INR/hr for 1 Hr
  • 180 INR/hr for 2 Hr

Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift VR)

400 INR Per Hour
  • 100 INR for 15 mins
  • 200 INR for 30 mins
Corporate/Group Package
Book Your Kids Birthday or Corporate Events With Us

Looking for a uniquely modern venue to host your event or party? PlayBox Pro is equipped with the latest video game titles for PC, XBox One, and PlayStation 4, making it the perfect destination for casual and serious gamers alike. We provide our premises on rental for event or parties like eSports Tournaments, Product Launches, Birthday or Corporate Parties, Themed Parties etc.

We not only provide Gaming PC, Consoles, Simulators and VR on rental but also provide the assistance to make sure your event is grand success.

Let us help you make your event exceptional!

Availability is based on first come first served.

Subscription Package
Pay Less, Enjoy More


50 INR/Hr
3000 INR For 60 Hrs
  • Any Console ( PS4 or XBox one) or PC


33 INR/Hr
6000 INR For 180 Hrs
  • Any Console ( PS4 or XBox one) or PC

Half Yearly

28 INR/Hr
10000 INR For 360 Hrs
  • Any Console ( PS4 or XBox one) or


25 INR/Hr
18000 INR For 720 Hrs
  • Any Console ( PS4 or XBox one) or PC

Note –

  • Subscription hours can be utilised max for 3 hrs per day. After consuming 3 hrs, plans will be switched to Daily Packages.
  • Subscription package does not includes VR Gaming (PSVR & Oculus Rift), Motion Gaming and Racing Wheel Simulator.
  • Subscription package will be applicable to one subscriber and on PC/Controller only. If there are more guests then Daily Package need to be purchased.
  • Subscription can be void if subscriber will be found/involved in any illegal or unethical activity.