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Why Investing In eSports Industry Is A Good Idea?

“Indian esports market is picking up steam, with an estimated four million enthusiasts,” says Manish Agarwal, CEO of Nazara. “We want to develop the ecosystem to enable competitive online and offline gaming, create local leagues and boost esports as spectator sports in India.”

With Electronic Sports League (ESL) as one of Nazara’s investors, the approach, Agarwal says, is to include localized content creation around global events such as ESL One, ESL Pro League, Intel Extreme Masters and The International, and bring in sponsors. “This will give a massive boost to the creation of best esports players in India.”

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The eSports market is growing at a fast pace as it becomes more and more popular around the world. The Indian eSports audience is strong, with an estimated two million enthusiasts and two million ‘occasional viewers’, but is expected to grow more than fivefold by 2021, according to a report titled, ‘Industry Insights for Online and Mobile Gaming in India’ by Frost and Sullivan, January 2018.

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According to a joint report by search giant Google and consultancy firm KPMG, India’s online gaming industry is expected to reach $1 billion by 2021 from the current $360 million, growing at a brisk 20% per annum.

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PlayBox Pro is situated in an urban area of Pink city known for its wide footfall. It marks the beginning of a new era in gaming through an up-class facility in form of the one and only Esports Lounge in Jaipur. This lounge is affiliated with leading gaming brands and can house up to 50 guests at a time.

The 3000 sq. feet Lounge features 9 PS4 and 3 Xbox One consoles with 43 inches 4K Screens. Best in-line components from brands like Benq, Circle Gaming, Gigabyte, NVIDIA make-up 12 PCs.

To attract a greater audience from pink city, an exclusive Virtual Reality Experience powered by Oculus RiftPlayStation VR and Microsoft Kinect are available in the Lounge. A special Racing Wheel Simulator powered by Thrustmaster TMX is housed for games like Forza7 and Project Cars.

PlayBox Pro is promising to provide the best in class gaming experience over consoles and PCs backed by a High Speed Leased Line internet connection.

A wide range of titles across genres including RPGs, RTS, FPS, MMOs, MOBAs etc., are available to play on all the platforms in the house.

  • START WITH BRAND NAME – PlayBox Pro has earned good brand value and reputation and trust in last one year of time period by actively participation in the industry. We have hosted numerous amount of tournament, events with giant brands like NVIDIA, AORUS, BENQ, COBX, ZOWIE, CIRCLE GAMING,  SONY and more, which made it possible to build strong connects and relations. This helped PlayBox Pro a lot to become a well recognised brand in eSports Industry. All our franchise partner will carry the same reputation and credibility in eSports industry for the day relationship starts so that they can focus their energy on getting more business then building brand name.
  • ZERO PROMOTION & BRANDING COST – PlayBox Pro has its own in-house promotion and Branding team who has vast experience of online and offline branding and promotion. Same team will work with all the Franchise partner at not extra running cost and will make sure that every franchise parter has online and off-line banding & promotion of events and others activities are their locations.
  • TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT – All franchise partners will have access to our best in town technical team will provide complete support team to stay up to date in terms of hardware, software and networking. Which helps to have leading edge in current competitive market.
  • SUCCESS WITH US– We had lost of up and down in our learning curve over the last years which helped us getting better and deep understanding of how eSports industry work in India compare to other countries. Based on our learning and experience in esports Industry so far we have developed a working business model which helps us to sustain as well as grow in this new evolving industry. Now we are confident enough in ensuring good revenue generation for all our franchise partners.

Contact US – Get in touch with PlayBox Pro team and provide us with required initial details such as your personal info, proposed location (city, area etc), Contact info, budget etc. This will help us in understanding and evaluating your requirement in a better ways for franchise ownership.

Meet In-person – After qualifying for the franchise partnership, meet us in person for next level of discussion and details. We ill provide you all the details for franchise program including agreement, terms and conditions, cost break down structure, ROI, other fee structure etc.

Feasibility Study – Once expectation are set our marketing research team will conduct a study to analyse the proposed site for franchise. This study will determine the factor we may affect that performance of the branch and team will also provide the suggestion to mitigate the negative factors. There factors include accessibility, competitors, foot fall, customer preferences etc.

Branding And Setup – Once feasibility study is done and location qualifies for branch setup, our branding and technical team will start planing and assist you for your online/offline brand setup as well as Arena setup. Our team will assist you in all the tasks including networking, audio video setup, in house branding and art work, hardware and server setup etc.

Knowledge Transfer, Execution & Support – This is most important step. Once you are all set to go, our team will assist you in understanding rules and regulations to follow, day to day operations, troubleshooting, hardware & software management etc. Our support team will always be there to assist you via email, phone or in person.